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RE: II CLPV talk summaries: Day 1

Scott Hartman wrote:

I gave the next talk, which some of you already know was on the origin of avian flight. I made a number of methodological critiques on previous attempts to understand the origin of flight, which I won?t bore you with here unless someone is interested enough to really warrant that much space (it?ll be in the paper though!).

Go on - bore me. (It'll be a nice change from the spam that continually creeps into my Inbox.) Though, I wouldn't want any response of yours to interfere with your other CLPV talk summaries, or prevent you from imbibing the sights and sounds of Rio. :-)

I did make a rigorous comparison between extant ?analogs? for arboreal gliding organisms and theropods,

The thing is (and you're welcome to disagree) modern gliding tetrapods tend to use passive aerial locomotion as a rapid and energy-efficient way to commute between trees. I'm not sure this holds for feathered maniraptorans. But I'm happy to wait-for-the-paper to see your own comparison to modern gliders.