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Re: Aliwalia [from Adam Yates]

Tim Williams wrote-

Thus, _Aliwalia rex_ is regarded by Adam as a junior synonym of _Eucnemosaurus fortis_, which is revived as a valid name. Those old prosauropod names appear to be making a comeback (_Eucnemosaurus_, _Plateosauravus_, _Gresslyosaurus_, etc). I guess the implication is that the maxilla hitherto referred (albeit provisionally) to _Aliwalia_ does not belong to _Eucnemosaurus_, since it clearly comes from a carnivore. My apologies to Mickey for throwing cold water on his suggestion in a previous post that _Aliwalia_ might be a sauropodomorph. :-)

No apologies necessary. Adam told me about Aliwalia months ago, so I had more than just Langer's statements to base my comment on. I just couldn't reveal the details about why I put so much faith in the sauropodomorph features Langer noted. :)

Interesting that massospondylids, Yunnanosaurus and 'riojasaurids' have been moved to basal sauropod status in Yates' latest analyses though. I think that leaves plateosaurids as the only prosauropods (unless Efraasia's position has stabilized), presumably with Saturnalia and Thecodontosaurus still outside the Prosauropoda + Sauropoda clade.

Mickey Mortimer