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Re: Aliwalia [from Adam Yates]

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

No apologies necessary. Adam told me about Aliwalia months ago, so I had more than just Langer's statements to base my comment on. I just couldn't reveal the details about why I put so much faith in the sauropodomorph features Langer noted. :)

OK, it makes sense now. Any word on what the "Aliwalia" maxilla belongs to? (A rauisuchian, perhaps?)

Interesting that massospondylids, Yunnanosaurus and 'riojasaurids' have been moved to basal sauropod status in Yates' latest analyses though. I think that leaves plateosaurids as the only prosauropods (unless Efraasia's position has stabilized), presumably with Saturnalia and Thecodontosaurus still outside the Prosauropoda + Sauropoda clade.

If Prosauropoda is limited to plateosaurids (either completely or in essence), I wonder if there's any point in keeping the term "Prosauropoda" at all. Plateosauria or just Plateosauridae would probably be a better term for this group, considering that the majority of taxa traditionally placed in the Prosauropoda are now regarded as either basal sauropodomorphs or basal sauropods. And the restricted composition of Prosauropoda sensu stricto makes the name ("before sauropods") even more inappropriate than it ever was. Just a thought...