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Re: Aliwalia [from Adam Yates]

Indeed one of these associations has been
named: Eucnemosaurus fortis Van Hoepen, 1920.

Really? Everywhere I've read that name so far it said "*Eucnemesaurus fortis* van Hoepen, 1920" -- looks logical, if "kneme" means "leg", as in *Bradycneme*.

Cladistic analysis of basal sauropodomorph relationships finds that Riojasaurus and Eucnemosaurus are sister taxa within a large clade that also contains Massospondylidae, Yunnanosaurus, Anchisauridae, Melanorosauridae, Antetonitrus and traditional sauropods (Vulcanodontidae and Eusauropoda) to the exclusion of Plateosauridae and more basal sauropodomorphs.

Oh nooooooo... sauropodomorph phylogeny changes yet again... I need a robust phylogeny for my thesis... <sniff>

What does Massospondylidae contain? I thought it was defined "everything closer to *Massospondylus* than to *Plateosaurus*" (which would unfortunately include all of the above)? *Massospondylus* and *Lufengosaurus* perhaps??? *Coloradisaurus*???

"Melanorosauridae"? So *Melanorosaurus* is less fragmentary than the new sauropod book apparently says?

*Massospondylus* as a sauropod. Will I ever get used to this... ;-)

Those old prosauropod names appear to be making a comeback (_Eucnemosaurus_,
_Plateosauravus_, _Gresslyosaurus_, etc).

Does someone have the ref of the paper in which *Gresslyosaurus* was reinstated? (Of course a pdf would be appreciated as well... <g>)

Though I wonder what the maxilla does belong to...?


However, judging from what I've seen of it (in Glut's encyclopedia IIRC), it looks horribly eroded...