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Re: Penguins And Rexes

 How much of this was based on ankylosaur and
scute confusion and how much was based on actual titanosaur ribs?

Good question...

If I recall correctly, titanosaurs like *Rapetosaurus* and
*Saltosaurus* are about as narrow as other sauropods.

*R.* at least hasn't been illustrated in dorsal view.

This assumed the head was "from a tremendous height". Some people (Paul, for
example) consider the head of *Brachiosaurus* to be held habitually vertical or
semi-vertically, some more 45-degree or so (giraffe-style) and some nearly
horizontal (Stevens, for one). There does appear to be some evidence for both

Titanosaurs like *Argentinosaurus*

...were outside the question, which was "what happens when a *Brachiosaurus* trips".

A good question to ask is do elephants trip?

I don't think so...