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Re: Penguins And Rexes

Dear List,

Did Stevens et al. address the mechanics of T. rex lying on its side,
or just rising rom a crouch, and if they did, what did they conclude?

BTW, is there anyway to get the info from those Black Hills talks
withotu having been there?



> > Anyone with a rex simulation handy?
> >
> Yep.
> Kent Stevens.
> This was, indeed, his Black Hills presentation!
> Stevens, K.A., E.D. Wills, P.L. Larson & A. Anderson. 2005. Rex, sit: 
> modeling tyrannosaurid postures. (second title: Making a
> Scanned Stan Stand). "100 Years of Tyrannosaurus rex" A symposium.
> Kent and his colleagues used a scan of Stan in DinoMorph, and showed several 
> alternative models of how it could rise. There aren't
> any real problems, and there are a number of solutions.
> Why people don't ask the questions "could bigass titanosaurs lie on their 
> sides?" or "what happens when a Brachiosaurus trips?" I
> don't know.
>                Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.