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Re: Aliwalia [from Adam Yates]

David Marjanovic wrote:

Well, I figured people still knew Greek in 1920...

It was probably all Greek to them.

_Gresslyosaurus_ is reinstated by Moser based on sacral morphology: "...at the ventral side of the left SR2 [sacral rib 2] ... there is a deep groove,

Just the left one? Is the right one not preserved, or is this a case of intraindividual variation like in *Mirischia*?

The right SR2 is not preserved. (I snipped this detail out.) I would guess that if the characters was susceptible to intraindividual variation, it would cease to be diagnostic. So far, we don't know either way.

Is *P. longiceps* regarded as a separate species in this paper, as it is in Galton's two-part monograph?

From memory, Moser contradicts quite a bit of Galton's work. I'll check the