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Re: II CLPV talk summaries: Day 2

Wasn't it recently said that *Plateosaurus* was "semiplantigrade"
like a sauropod, based on the shape of the astragalus? In that case it would have needed a heel pad. <<<

It was, but it was wrong. The conclusion of semi-plantigady was based on an interpretation of the needed locomotory arc the ankle and foot would have to swing through, and (IMHO) the kinematics were based on very bad assumptions. Also, sauropods are no more semi-plantigrade than elephants are (Matt Bonnan may have a different opinion here?). Both have digitigrade hindfeet, backed by a large pad that distributes the weight of the animal during locomotion. Plantigrade animals do not usually have large heel pads like we see in the pes impressions of sauropod trackways.

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