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Re: II CLPV talk summaries: Day 1

dinoboygraphics@aol.com wrote:
> Ralph Molnar gave an amusing talk about an incomplete pterosaur skull
> he is describing with Richard Thulborn.  Apparently they sent the
> manuscript to a journal (which he did not name), who then lost it for
> almost two years.

I believe it was the British journal "Palaeontology". :D

> After it was found and sent back, the authors (who
> apparently didn?t want to be outdone by ?mere? editors) lost it
> themselves for another 18 months, at which time they had both retired
>  from their positions.  So a few more years pass, and they decided to go
> ahead and publish the specimen here at II CLPV, since they ?didn?t have
> anything better to do?.  It is apparently an Early Cretaceous
> pterodactyloid from Queensland, but there aren?t enough diagnostic
> characters to say much more about it.

It was originally thought to be related to Anhanguera (if this is the
specimen I think it is - a snout, missing the tip, broken through the
antorbital fenestra).


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