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Re: Penguins And Rexes

David Marjanovic wrote:
> > A good question to ask is do elephants trip?
> I don't think so...

I recently saw a photograph of a two-week old elephant in a zoo
enclosure that had been hurled into a concrete wall by the tusk-flip of
a large bull. Like many youngsters it bounced rather than broke, and
once on its feet again the bull sent it flying a second time with a
well-aimed kick. Adult females eventually stepped in to separate the
bull from the calf, although from what I hear the infant came out of the
experience with little more than a few bruises (both of the physical and
ego variety).

So adult elephants DO trip - that is, they trip juveniles!


Dann Pigdon
GIS / Archaeologist         http://heretichides.soffiles.com
Melbourne, Australia        http://www.geocities.com/dannsdinosaurs