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Re: Penguins And Rexes

<*R.* at least hasn't been illustrated in dorsal view.>

[...] However, Mark Hallett illustrated the dorsal view of *R. krausei*
in the original Curry-Rogers & Forster paper. You can see this image here:


Oopsie. Yes, that's the pic I saw just the day before. :-]

<...were outside the question, which was
"what happens when a *Brachiosaurus* trips".>

We were also discussing titanosaurs.

As part of another question that just so happened to be in the same e-mail. :-)

Elephants seem fully capable of
laying down as adults and getting up again, from their sides.

Yes -- but then they retain considerable capabilities of limb abduction that sauropods didn't possess, at least for the hindlimbs.