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Re: 1933 Kong "T. rex" actually an Allosaurus?

In a message dated 8/14/2005 9:34:38 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
jordan.mallon@gmail.com writes:
<< It was probably meant  to be T. rex from the start.  Ol' Tyrannosaurus
was often depicted with  three fingers back then (look at the old
National Geographics) --  palaeontologists didn't know any better since
no forelimb material was known  at the time. >>
The "King Kong" theropod created by  Marcel Delgado is clearly based on 
Charles R. Knight's 1905(?) oil painting at  the American Museum of Natural 
showing Tyrannosaurus approaching a  family of Triceratops. The restoration 
was based on W.D.Matthew's first  reconstruction of  Tyrannosaurus:


One of the things that makes the original Kong and the 1925 "The Lost World" 
so  wonderful is that Knight's dinosaurs are brought to life by Delgado and 
Willis  O'Brien. 
Knight's 1939 restoration of battling  tyrannosaurs in the February 1942 
National Geographic correctly shows two  digits. DV