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Re: Snoozing Sauropods, Batman!

In article <12b.631781a7.3030d8c5@aol.com>,  wrote:
> That's a real problem when it comes to sauropods, since their appendicular  
> joints were so almost amorphic compared to those of their nearest size  
> equivalents, elephants & mammoths.
       Huh? "amorphic"?
       A angleskii, pozhalista.
       I think you're meaning either that the sauropod bones are lacking in 
well-fossilised knobbly bits (implying unfossilised cartilaginous knobbly 
bits), but you could be meaning that there are just not many distinguishing 
features to sauropod knee knobbles (I have a slightly surreal image involving 
Cleethorpe beach and a "Name that Sauropod" contest. I've got to get a better 
mushroom identification book!), or you could be meaning that what knobbly bits 
there are don't appear to constrain the possible range of movement (without 
dislocation)  by much.
 Aidan Karley,
 Aberdeen, Scotland,
 Location: 57°10' N,  02°09'  W (sub-tropical Aberdeen), 0.021233
 Written at Mon, 15 Aug 2005 10:27 +0100

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