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Re: II CLPV talk summaries: Day 2

Gojir[a]saurus they feel is a chimera (Ken, want to comment?), made up of
theropod material and Shuvosaurus (or shuvosaur-like suchian) material.

[...] The dorsal vertebrae have hyposphenes, so should be saurischian.

Or rauisuchian, right?

Surely shuvosaurids haven't developed theropod-like pubes too?

If they were bipedal, perhaps we should expect them to...


Wouldn't it be funny if what we had here was the return
of dinosaurian polyphyly?


Sauropodomorphs from Azhendohsaurus-like basal archosaurs...

Er... what has *Azendohsaurus* turned out to be?