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Re: II CLPV talk summaries: Day 2

David Marjanovic wrote-

Gojir[a]saurus they feel is a chimera (Ken, want to comment?), made up of
theropod material and Shuvosaurus (or shuvosaur-like suchian) material.

[...] The dorsal vertebrae have hyposphenes, so should be saurischian.

Or rauisuchian, right?

Oh yeah. Spondylosoma.

Surely shuvosaurids haven't developed theropod-like pubes too?

If they were bipedal, perhaps we should expect them to...


Hmm. I do recall Chatterjeea has an oddly ornithomimid-like pelvis...

Sauropodomorphs from Azhendohsaurus-like basal archosaurs...

Er... what has *Azendohsaurus* turned out to be?

See Jalil 2002 (SVP) and Parrish 2003 (SVPCA).

Incidentally, does this leave Chatterjee with any taxa he described as dinosaurs still being dinosaurian?
Technosaurus - sliesaurid.
Alwalkeria- chimaera.
Protoavis - chimaera.
Shuvosaurus - suchian.
I suppose Polarornis is unlikely to be non-dinosaurian, though its gaviiform nature has been questioned.

Mickey Mortimer