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RE: II CLPV talk summaries: Day 2

Michael Mortimer wrote:

Well, the tooth isn't shuvosaurid (though the edentulous premaxilla found nearby probably is).

It was the opinion of Carpenter (1997) that the edentulous premaxilla indeed belongs to _Shuvosaurus_.

Wouldn't it be funny if what we had here was the return of dinosaurian polyphyly?
Theropods from shuvosaurid suchians...
Sauropodomorphs from Azhendohsaurus-like basal archosaurs...
Ornithischians from silesaurid 'avemetatarsalians'...

Hey, that last one may be right! If silesaurids are indeed basal dinosauromorphs (or dinosauriforms), and are closer to ornithischians than to other dinosaurs, then the Dinosauria would include silesaurids. In the even remoter possibility that the other two are also correct (theropods-from-shuvosaurs, sauropodomorphs-from-basal archosaurs), then Dinosauria would still remain monophyletic, courtesy of its definition - it would just be expanded to include most of the Archosauria!

Doesn't all this make you want to have another look at _Pisanosaurus_?  ;-)

Or rauisuchian, right?

Oh yeah. Spondylosoma.

According to Langer (2004), the hypodigm of _Spondylosoma_ may contain genuine dinosaur material.

Er... what has *Azendohsaurus* turned out to be?

See Jalil 2002 (SVP) and Parrish 2003 (SVPCA).

I know Jalil and Knoll (2002) put _Azendohsaurus_ outside the Dinosauria, but do they (or Parrish) say what it might be.

Incidentally, does this leave Chatterjee with any taxa he described as dinosaurs still being dinosaurian?
Technosaurus - sliesaurid.
Alwalkeria- chimaera.
Protoavis - chimaera.
Shuvosaurus - suchian.

_Alwalkeria_ and _Protoavis_ may contain dinosaurian (theropod?) elements; but as the hypodigms for both do appear to be chimeric, I'm not sure which particular element gets to carry the name of the genus. I fits the cranial material, then neither genera would appear to be dinosaurs.

_Barapasaurus_ was named and described by Jain, Kutty, Roy-Chowdhury and Chatterjee (1975). It appears to be safe within the Dinosauria. :-)