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Re: Sinornithoides in DA... the first Sleeping Dragon.

In a message dated 8/15/2005 12:27:08 PM Alaskan Standard Time, 
DragonsClaw@gmx.net writes:

>> Why should a cursorial animal, contrary to the "run away" behaviour one 
would expect, curl up into a ball when faced with deadly danger?

Torsten <<

As I just wrote in conjunction with Jaime's post... Fly away, run away, it 
doesn't matter.  I have actually found dead birds in a sleeping posture. Whe 
they are sick, they often curl-up. Mei may have already been dead before 
or got sick do to gases or something else, and assumed the posture and would 
not move even to save itself. This is common in birds I have seen...

I think this has now been beaten to death... (pun very, very intended)