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Re: Penguins And Rexes

Aidan Karley wrote:
> In article <p06230901bf23a998e7e7@[]>, Jeff Hecht wrote:
> > Any number of fossils are counter examples -- they fell into pits, caves or 
> > cracks
> > where they were trapped and couldn't get out.
> >
>        Run that past me again. With the exception of the well-known 
> Bernissart Igs,
> your examples of "pit, cave or crack"-trapped dinosaurs start with ... ? I 
> can't think
> off-hand of any examples (but I'm sure this is a good place to ask).

There was no mention of dinosaurs in the above statement. "Fossils"
include many other types of animals as well. There are plenty of
examples around the world of fossils turning up in cave deposits, that
are interpreted as sinkhole-related deaths. The Naracoorte Caves in
South Australia are a good example:



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