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RE: Aliwalia and friends

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> Finally. Sauropodomorph phylogeny. Yes, the content of Prosauropoda seen in 
> Yates and Kitching 2003 and Yates 2004 is 
> gone and the phylogeny more closely resembles that in my earlier T. caducus 
> paper. This is actually a robust result and 
> there is a slew of new data in this new analysis, including cranial data for 
> Melanorosaurus and a host of new characters. 
> There are still areas of great uncertainty, where the taxa can shift around 
> with slight changes to the matrix but the 
> basic topology of Saturnalia + (Thecodontosaurus + (Plateosauridae + 
> (Massospondylidae + (Anchisaurus, Melanorosaurus, 
> âtypical sauropodsâ)))) is solid. This does have big implications for 
> phylogenetic taxonomy. 

It also makes things nicer for those of us on the other branch of Sauischia, 
because we can use just a few basal sauropodomorphs (Saturnalia, 
Thecondontosaurus, Plateosaurus, for instance) as out groups, instead of having 
to learn all those weird Triassic and Early Jurassic sauropods, too!

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