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RE: Aliwalia and friends

Adam Yates wrote:

A new name would then be required for the large clade that is the sister group of Plateosauridae.

How about "Brontosauria"? _Brontosaurus_ may be gone, but at least the name could live on in another form.

While on the topic of prosauropods, David Marjanovic wrote:

Is *P. longiceps* regarded as a separate species in this paper, as it is in Galton's two-part monograph?

Moser (2003) disagrees with a lot of what Galton says. For example, Moser sinks _P. longiceps_ into _P. engelhardti_. Galton distinguished _P. engelhardti_ by the position of sacral rib 2, which Galton identied as being in the posterior 75% of the centrum of sacral vertebra 2 in _P. engelhardti_, but in the anterior 75% of the centrum of sacral vertebra 2 in _P. longiceps_. However, according to Moser, Galton had the sacrum of _P. engelhardti_ backwards! Thus, the position of sacral rib 2 is the same. Incidentally, this sacrum of _P. engelhardti_ was nominated by Moser to be the lectotype for the species. _Dimodosaurus_ and _Pachysaurus_ are confirmed as junior synonyms of _Plateosaurus_, but as I said previously, Moser resurrected _Gresslyosaurus_.

Moser (2003) also disputes the use of the shape of the femoral shaft as a reliable diagnostic character. He argues that the degree of sigmoidal curvature of the shaft is very prone to taphonomic distortion.