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Many New Papers

Hi All -

Many new things across my desk after several weeks out of the orifice...er, office -- I haven't yet read most of these, and I haven't tracked down abstracts of them on-line yet (and I'm too busy to type them in manually), so forgive me if details are scant. I do NOT have PDFs of any of these, so please don't ask, although if I get PDFs in the future, I'll let the list know.

Yuan, C. 2004. Further study of Yanornis martini (Ornithurae) from the Mesozoic Jehol Biota in western Liaoning, China. Acta Geologica Sinica 78:464-467.
Note that this is NOT the English Edition of this journal, and no English version yet exists (unlike _Chinese Science Bulletin_, _AGS_ has yet to synchronize their Chinese and English editions -- they remain two completely unrelated and unconnected journals). Anyway, in this paper, a new specimen of this taxon is briefly described, apparently fossilized in the act of choking on a fish, and indeed there is a BIG fish butt sticking out of where the mouth ought to be. Recalling the problems with interpretations of "cannibal" _Coelophysis_, I'm a bit skeptical of the coincedence, but then again, I haven't seen the specimen, either.

Lü, J., and Ji, Q. 2005. New azhdarchid pterosaur from the Early Cretaceous of western Liaoning. Acta Geologica Sinica (English Edition) 79:301-307.

New, reportedly azhdarchid pterosaur _Eoazhdarcho liaoxiensis_ from the Jiufotang Formation. Lower jaw, no skull, better part of the postcranial but few vertebrae.

Ji, Q., Ji, S., Cheng, Y., You, H., Lü, J., and Yuan, C. 2004. The first fossil soft-shell eggs with embryos from Late Mesozoic Jehol Biota of western Liaoning, China. Acta Geoscientia Sinica 25:275-285.

Actually, I have seen this one, but don't have it yet. Discusses the pterosaur egg & embryo, but is more concerned with new specimens of a new species of _Hyphalosaurus_, _H. baitaigouensis_ from the Jiufotang Fm., that is surrounded by eggs with barely-ossified embryos in them.

Lü, J., and Zhang, B. 2005. New pterodactyloid pterosaur from the Yixian Formation of western Liaoning. Geological Review 51:458-462.

A supposed pteranodontid, _Eopteranodon lii_ from (where else?) the Yixian Fm. Only the abstract is in English, so I can't comment much other than that its diagnosis to this clade is based on its plesiomorphic short cervicals and elongate, toothless skull.

Ye, Y., Gao, Y.-H., and Jiang, S. 2005. A new genus of sauropod from Zigong, Sichuan. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 43:175-181.

New "bellusaurine" brachiosaurid, _Daanosaurus zhangi_ from the Upper Jurassic of Sichuan. Apparently has some skull material; some vertebrae are figured and postcranial bones are mentioned (again, only English is an abstract). Reportedly a juvenile individual.

Zan, S.-Q., Chen, J., Jin, L.-Y., and Li, T. 2005. A primitive ornithopod from the Early Cretaceous Quantou Formation of central Jilin, China. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 43:182-193.

A reportedly very primitive ornithopod, _Changchunsaurus parvus_, with 5 premaxillary teeth, very short edentulous portion of the premax, a short diastema, premax margin even with that of the maxilla, a jugal boss, and something called a "nubble structure" on the jugal. A longer-than-usual English summary.

       You may now commence drooling.

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