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Re: Many New Papers

On 8/16/05, Jerry D. Harris <jharris@dixie.edu> wrote:
> Zan, S.-Q., Chen, J., Jin, L.-Y., and Li, T. 2005. A primitive ornithopod
> from the Early Cretaceous Quantou Formation of central Jilin, China.
> Vertebrata PalAsiatica 43:182-193.
>        A reportedly very primitive ornithopod, _Changchunsaurus parvus_,
> with 5 premaxillary teeth, very short edentulous portion of the premax, a
> short diastema, premax margin even with that of the maxilla, a jugal boss,
> and something called a "nubble structure" on the jugal.  A longer-than-usual
> English summary.
>        You may now commence drooling.

"o~! <3 More primitive "ornithopods" to study = win~! Just need to get
the paper somehow.

Nick Gardner