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*Ekrixinatosaurus*, *Unaysaurus*, *Harpymimus*

Hooray! The library here has Ameghiniana. Thus I can now clear up the etymology of *Ekrixinatosaurus*: it was born (Latin: natus) in an explosion (Greek: ekrixi) -- they found the bones by using dynamite.

It also has Zootaxa, but not the 2004 volume. Does someone on the list happen to have the description of *Unaysaurus*, on paper or (preferably -- for more than one reason) as pdf?

How long is the skull of *Harpymimus*? The illustration in The Dinosauria II is incompatible with this one http://dino.lm.com/images/display.php?id=1589. I have found several cases where the scales in figures in D2 are wrong, but always by something simple like a factor of 2. This is not the case here.

(BTW, thanks for doing that illustration, Jaime. Without it I wouldn't even know that a complete presacral column is known for *Harpymimus*!)