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Re: *Ekrixinatosaurus*, *Unaysaurus*, *Harpymimus*

David said:
"How long is the skull of *Harpymimus*? The
illustration in The 
Dinosauria II 
is incompatible with this one 
I have found several cases where the scales in figures
in D2 are wrong, 
always by something simple like a factor of 2. This is
not the case 

It's 262mm, according to the latest information
published by Kobayashi & Barsbold. The height isn't
really known, as the jugal is missing, but the authors
guess about half of the skull lenth

"(BTW, thanks for doing that illustration, Jaime.
Without it I wouldn't 
know that a complete presacral column is known for
*Harpymimus*!) ''

The vertebral series is nearly complete, but badly
crushed. Information for the atlas and axis is
limited. But otherwise, as you said, the series is
pretty good.

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