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Re: [toni.naish@btinternet.com: Lots of new refs]

<<The oldest tribosphenic boreosphenidan - _Tribactonodon_ from the
Wealden - is younger than the oldest tribosphenic australosphenidan, Middle
Jurassic _Ambondro_. New information is present on _Asfaltomylos_, all of
which has since been published in JVP.>>

I've not heard Tribactonodon referred to as Wealden before.  It's Purbeckian
in the orginal description (which I haven't read): Sigogneau-Russell D,
Hooker JJ & Ensom PC, 2001 (2001), The oldest tribosphenic mammal from
Laurasia (Purbeck Limestone Group, Berriasian, Cretaceous, UK) and its
bearing on the 'dual origin' of Tribosphenida. Comptes rendus de l'Académie
des sci, IIa, Sci de la Terre et des planètes 333 (2), p.141-147.