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Re: [toni.naish@btinternet.com: Lots of new refs]

Canudo, J. I., Cruzado-Caballero, P. & Moreno-Azanza, M. 2005. Possible theropod predation evidence in hadrosaurid dinosaurs from the Upper Maastrichtian (Upper Cretaceous) of Arén (Huesca, Spain). _Kaupia_ 14, 9-13.

Could be interesting to guess what the predator was. A tyrannosaur? An abelisaur? A crocodile (*Doratodon*...)?

* Clark et al. 2004 employed a node-based Therizinosauroidea which would exclude _Falcarius_ and other basal taxa from this clade.

I don't understand why everyone seems to try to weep Segnosauria under the carpet. It would fit well.

Le Loeuff, J., Gourrat, C., Landry, P., Hautier, L., Liard, R., Souillat, C., Buffetaut, E. & Enay, R. 2005. Late Jurassic sauropod sites of southern Jura (France). _Kaupia_ 14, 27-31.


the (?Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian) Lower Saurian Beds there is evidence for one or two large taxa; in the (Kimmeridgian) Middle Saurian Beds there appear to be two or three large and two small to medium-sized taxa; and in the (Tithonian) Upper Saurian Beds

GAH! I've lumped the entire Tendaguru ( = Mtwara Fm, according to D2) as Kimmeridgian! Which taxa come from which beds?

Anderson, K. 2005. A new system of classifying bite marks on marine reptile bones from the Oxford Clay, Peterborough. _The Quarterly Journal of the Dinosaur Society_ 4 (3), 12-15, 28.


Forrest, R. 2005. The application of multivariate analysis in the reconstruction of the skeleton of a specimen of _Muraenosaurus_ cf. _leedsi_. _The Quarterly Journal of the Dinosaur Society_ 4 (3), 22-29.
Liston, J. 2005. 'Clear as the difference between an arm and a leg?': a reexamination of the Skye sauropod discoveries. _The Quarterly Journal of the Dinosaur Society_ 4 (3), 18-21.
Naish, D. 2005. The sauropod dinosaurs of the Wealden succession (Lower Cretaceous) of southern England. _The Quarterly Journal of the Dinosaur Society_ 4 (3), 8-11.

What is going on here?

I used to think nothing was. After the QJDS stopped appearing at the end of 2000, I waited for I think 3 years*, then I wrote to the Society headquarters offering to become the new editor (as apparently the limiting factor was that Jeff Liston, the editor, was too busy). This was immediately accepted. Then I wrote to Jeff, who liked that situation, and asked him to send me the articles that had been submitted for publication to the QJDS (which includes an attempt of mine to correct the most glaring errors in my November 2000 article). IIRC he said he would soon send them. A few months later I asked him again. I haven't got an answer. That was probably almost 2 years ago. The Dinosaur Society website has been _downgraded_ within the last 3 years and now contains _less_ information than earlier. It doesn't even mention the QDJS anymore, and the forum is gone. And now I see that _several volumes_ have apparently been published during that time???

I also haven't been reminded of any unpaid dues so far.

* In late 2001 or something, the Society sent an issue of Prehistoric Times instead, apologizing for the lack of any new QJDS issues.