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Re: [toni.naish@btinternet.com: Lots of new refs]

<<GAH! I've lumped the entire Tendaguru ( = Mtwara Fm, according to D2) as
Kimmeridgian! Which taxa come from which beds?>>

Assuming the taxa meant are the mammals, then Brancatherulum is from the
Upper Saurian Bed while Tendagurodon and Tendagurutherium are from the
Middle.  I'm not sure about the 'haramiyid' Staffia.  It's just a pity
you're presumably referring to the dinos.

I'm following Heinrich W-D (1998), Late Jurassic Mammals from Tendaguru,
Tanzania, East Africa. Journal of Mammalian Evolution, Vol5 (4), p.269-290.
If I remember correctly, both Beds are referred to as