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Re: Looking for Journal Abbreviations

--- Mike Taylor <mike@miketaylor.org.uk> wrote:
> > Natura Nascosta is the journal of the Museo Paleontologico
> Cittadino
> > of Monfalcone (Italy) and is issued every 6 months. You can
> download
> > it as pdf file from the website of the Museum. For free :)
> But can you?  The only promising web-site I've found is
> but when I follow the link to (for exam,ple) no. 18, I arrive at
>   http://www.museomonfalcone.it/index.php
> which seems to be museum home-page.
> Am I on the wrong site?
    I got to
... yeah, same page, but after a couple of blind pokes fuelled only by
schoolboy French and Spanish and a normal science student's dog-Latin I
managed to get a pile of PDFs downloading to my (well, this week's
client's) hard disc. Brief online perusal sows a lot of stuff in
Italian (I think), which so far is about caving in this area, which is
my reason for perusing it further. I can see some of the people in the
caving club might be interested in surveys of Italian caves.
    I like the logo of a geological hammer entwined with an elektron
ladder. Definitely worth a good look at once I've finihed shift.

Aidan Karley,

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