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paleontology/geology wiki site re-send

(apologies if this is posted twice, I did not have plain text
formatting turned on the first time I sent it to the list and I think
it yielded the "Remainder of text truncated" error)

Hey all-
Mike's query about journal abbreviations prompted me to finally post
this- I'm setting up a wiki devoted to paleontology- and
geology-specific journals: www.qewiki.org.   Most of the journals
below have a page already, I'll go in and add the rest tonight... if
any DML folks get a chance to stop by and add some information (such
as abbreviations!) it would be greatly appreciated.  I initially set
the site up for the paleontology library I work at (www.priweb.org),
but I'd like to expand it into a general resource site, kind of a
giant, editable, searchable card catalog.  Any help and support you
guys can give on this project is most welcome, since wikis are wholly
dependant on participation, along with thoughts on potential
usefulness (particularly since the vertebrate paleontology journal
page already exists as an excellent resource in a related niche). 
There is a long way to go on the site, but is this something that
might be useful?


On 8/18/05, Mike Taylor <mike@miketaylor.org.uk> wrote:
> Dear DMLers,
> I have a problem of such grotesque stupidity that I can hardly bear
> even to think about it.
> I need to submit a manuscript with abbreviated journal names in its
> references -- that is, instead of saying "Annual Review of Ecology and
> Systematics", I have to say "Annu. Rev. Ecol. Syst."  Specifically, I
> have to use "abbreviations for serial names following the American
> National Standard."  Does anyone know what this is, or, better still,
> have a link to it?  I wasn't able to find anything on the ANSI
> web-site.
> Apparently, "Serial Sources for the BIOSIS Database, which is provided
> with Biological Abstracts, lists abbreviations for most serials."
> However, when I looked at the FAQ for that site, at
> http://www.isinet.com/cgi-bin/htm_hl?DB=ISIsite&STEMMER=en&WORDS=journal+abbrevi+&COLOUR=Purple&STYLE=s&URL=http://sunweb.isinet.com/biosis/support/faqs/#muscat_highlighter_first_match
> I found -- astonishingly --
>         Q. Where can I get a list of BIOSIS journal abbreviations?
>         A. The BIOSIS Serial Sources is an alphabetical listing by
>            serial title of the 5,200 current life science titles
>            indexed, as well as 12,000 archival titles reviewed by
>            BIOSIS. In addition to this, history notes, ISSNs, CODENs
>            (journal abbreviations), the frequencies, and the publisher
>            addresses are also provided. Published at the end of the
>            year, BIOSIS Serial Sources is an annual print publication
>            which can be purchased by contacting the BIOSIS Help Desk.
> So it seems that the standard abbreviations for journal names are not
> only a CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET, but one that you can only be inducted
> into buy buying a PRINTED LIST of 12,000 items ...  Oh, excuse me, I
> will try not to rant.  But, really.  I mean, really.
> Anyway, I need to gather the standard abbreviations for the following
> journals which I cite (along with others whose abbreviations I have
> found by grubbing through other people's bibliographies).  If anyone
> knows these (not just guessing, but _knowing_) please let me know.
> I will post the compiled results on a nice, simple, freely-accessible
> web page, so that no-one else has to go through this stupid process in
> future.  (Jerry Harris's superb Journal Links web-page sadly does not
> list abbreviations.)
> Acta Palaeontologica Polonica
> American Journal of Science, 3rd series
> Cretaceous Research
> Hunteria
> Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology Monograph Series I
> Journal of Morphology
> Journal of Paleontology
> Journal of Systematic Palaentology
> Mesozoic Meanderings [or should I treat this as a book?]
> Museum of Northern Arizona Bulletin
> Natura Nascosta
> Naturwissenschaften
> Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Palaeontologie, Abhandlungen
> Occasional Papers of the Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology (Fourth Symposium on 
> Mezozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems)
> Oryctos
> Palaeontographica (Suppl. 7)
> PaleoBios
> Philosophy of Science
> The Botanical Review
> Thanks.
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