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Re: Tyrannosaur vision

On Mon, 22 Aug 2005, Mickey Rowe wrote:
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> As Tom Holtz implied, the "evidence" is more like a
> reconstruction of possible lines of sight.  To fill in
> the gaps: Stevens had a restoration of the skull of a
> Tyrannosaurus.  He placed a clear plexiglass screen in
> front of it.  He took a laser and shined it through
> the plexiglass toward the eye of the restored
> tyrannosaur head.  He marked the location where the
> laser light passed through the plexiglass to the eye. 
> He repeated this from a variety of angles from which
> the laser light just barely cleared the snout on its
> way to the eye.  Connecting the marks on the
> plexiglass and knowing how far away the plexiglass was
> from the eye provided an estimate of the field of view
> for that eye.

I was thinking of this from the other perspective - from the eye
socket itself...

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