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Re: Tyrannosaur vision

On 8/22/05, Phil Bigelow <bigelowp@juno.com> wrote:

> But this all assumes that T. rex did not have any fleshy adornments on
> its snout.  Keep in mind that the nasals on T. rex are quite rugose.
> Bone rugosity probably does not evolve without a function.

The tests were run on fleshed-out models, with all the rugosities restored.
> Did Stevens also run his laser/Plexiglass test on skulls of extant
> diapsids?  To show that his light sabre technique correlates well with
> known field of views of living animals?

Not that I remember reading in the Earth article.  I remember mention
was made of human and cat FOVs, though.  The dino taxa tested, as far
as I can remember, were: Tyrannosaurus, Nanotyrannus, and
Carcharodontosaurus.  There may have been a few more, but I can't
remember which.  Maybe Mickey can fill us in as I don't have the
article handy...

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