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Re: Ancient mountains

You wrote:

>"Solid" evidence? As in  solid heads? ;-) 
>I think the theory is that all animals that  butt heads for a living must
>reside in mountains.  The "bonk"  carries better with an echo, you see ...
>Rams, goats,  pachycephalasaurs ...

Was it only that? I think there was something a  little more serious about 
stratigraphy. If I remember correctl, someone noticed  that pachy fossils very 
rare and usually fragmentary, like if the beasts had not  died at the same 
place than other kinds of dinos. Hence the hypothesis that they  may have lived 
higher up, and that only the most resistent bits (those "solid  heads") made it 
to the lowlands, via mountain torrents. If this were true, pachy  skulls 
should display some distinctive wear, breakages and so on,  right?

Félix Landry