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Re: Resending

On 8/24/05, Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Brontosauria was erected by Olshevksy (1991) to include all prosauropods and
> sauropods; Olshevsky made Brontosauria and Segnosauria the two "orders"
> within the "superorder" Sauropodomorpha.  (This is back when Olshevsky did
> not regard segnosaurs/therizinosauroids as theropods, but as
> sauropodomorphs; he has since changed his mind.)  Olshevsky erected
> Brontosauria in a non-cladistic context, and the term is currently without a
> definition.

I used it once on the Dinosauricon for the least inclusive clade
containing _sauropoda_ and _Prosauropoda_ sensu Wilson and Sereno,
but, since Wilson and Sereno's definition of _Prosauropoda_ differs
from Olshevsky's more traditional usage of the taxon (especially given
Yates' latest topologies), I later removed it.

—Mike Keesey