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Re: Laelaps and Brontosauria (was Re: Resending)

On 8/24/05, Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:
> However, Brontosauria could be retained for the clade that includes
> Prosauropoda (sensu stricto; =?Plateosauridae) and Sauropoda (or the more
> inclusive Anchisauria), but not basal sauropodomorphs (like _Saturnalia_,
> _Thecodontosaurus_, maybe _Efraasia_).  Thus, it would approximate
> Olshevsky's usage of the term Brontosauria in terms of content.

That is how I used it; but it doesn't approximate Olshevsky's usage,
because he used the traditional, paraphyletic sense of Prosauropoda,
so his Brontosauria, as he published it, does include
_Thecodontosaurus_, etc.

—Mike Keesey