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Re: Laelaps and Brontosauria (was Re: Resending)

Mike Taylor wrote:

Hmm, yeah, sorta.  But he's at least suggestive:

        I need to make some nomenclarural distinctions here.
        When I say "brontosaur" I'm referring to brontosaurians
        in general, a huge order of dinosaurs which consist of
        scores of genera such as _Brachiosaurus_, _Camarasuarus_
        [sic], _Diplodocus_, _Supersaurus_ and _Brontosaurus_.
        [Editor's note: Many scientists the order name

Bakker also uses the term in his "Brontosaur Killers" paper in Gaia (15: 145-158). It was in this paper that he also coins the term "brontophagy" for predation upon sauropods! (Allosaurids were apparently "brontophagous".) However, never (AFAIK) does Bakker explicitly use the name Brontosauria. Instead, "brontosaur" and "brontosaurian" are used by Bakker as bywords for "sauropod" - I guess because "brontosaur/brontosaurian" is more evocative than the more prosaic term "sauropod".

In a similar vein, Paul used the term "sinornithosaur" for broad-feathered (and presumably aerial) dromaeosaurs; but he did not apply a taxon name "Sinornithosauria".