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Re:[new Chinese hadrosauroid]

Jay and Tommy: I am not entirely sure, but it may not be appropriate
to discuss the new Chinese hadrosauroid, and particularly not by name
given that the manuscript describing it has not yet been published.
Perhaps it would be better to wait and discuss these things after it
is published. It shouldn't be too far from now anyway.

Nick Gardner

On 8/25/05, Tommy Bradley <htomsirveaux@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Okay everybody,
> Lets see if I get this right!
> *Penelopognathus* (pen-el-uh-pog-NAY-thus)? "Penelops (wild duck) jaw."
> This brings up a question:  If the g in Gnatho- (prefix) is silent, then why
> pronounce it in the suffix (-gnathus)?
> A prime example being *Compsognathus*.  Although I believe the consensus on
> *Compsognathus* is, "Pronounce it however you like, as long as we know what
> you're talking about."
> By-the-by, does anyone happen to know how Mr. (or is it Dr.) Weishampel
> pronounces his last name?
> Thanks,
> Tommy
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