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RE: What're Rebbachisaurids? (was - New Nemegtosaurus paper)

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> Rodlox R
> out of curiosity, what're the Rebbachisaurids like?
Fun at parties, always ready to pick up the check, and helped old ornithopods 
across the street...

Oh, and anatomically: Nigersaurus is the best known one. Short-necked 
wide-mouthed diplodocoids with a forward facing dental

> (were they armor-plated like the Titanosaurs?)
No evidence of that.

> and, there may not be a solid answer for this, but I'll ask anyway - why
> didn't Brachiosaurids, Dicraeosaurids, and Diplodocoids diversify?

Dicraeosaurids and rebbachiosaurids ARE diplodocoids. But as for why 
brachiosaurids petered out at the end of the Early Cretaceous,
and dicraeosaurids before then, good question.

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