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Re: Mesozoic biomass

Entire e-mail repeated because it came with the truncation message attached:

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Subject: Re: Mesozoic biomass

You wrote:

>In essence, it is like the African savannahs with size of predators and >prey
>magnified by a factor of 5-10. So were number of predators & prey 1/5 >or
>1/10 of Holocene norms?

I think that would be our best bet. A more precise factor could be estimated
by evaluating whether 1) the Mesozoic ecosystem you're studying was richer
or poorer in plant material than the African savannah and 2) how much bigger
the dinos were as an average.

And then the population sizes and densities of the dinos... :-S

I fear that extending this mode of thinking to the whole planet would lead
to freakingly approximative calculations. As has already been said, after a
good estimate is known for a few significant ecosystems (could the Morrison be
considered as an individual "ecosystem"? Bakker used to consider whole
formations as ecosystems in Dino Heresies, but I fear this is not a very rigorous
approach), little more than relative estimations could be done.


A year ago or something (is it perhaps in Mesozoic Vertebrate Life???) I remember reading an article by Bakker and some others about a "criminalistic" approach to investigating several ecosystems within the Morrison Fm by investigating isolated teeth and fish scales. Includes the idea that *Ceratosaurus* hunted lungfish -- 4 m long lungfish.