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Re: Phylogenies, science, tea-time and more...

2005/8/25, David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>:
> IMHO it should have been wiped out in 1975 when the birds were added, and
> also because dinosaurs aren't lizards. (Owen did coin his Dinosauria as a
> suborder of lizards.) But it's clearly too late for that.

Eh? Are you sure that Dinosauria originally was thought as a *lizard*
suborder? (As far as I know, Dinosauria was erected because they
didn't match any known reptile group.)

Suppose that we abandon the term Dinosauria. How would we call the
group formed by the
_Iguanodon bernissartensis_, _Megalosaurus bucklandi_, their most
recent common ancestor and all of its descendants?


Roberto Takata