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Re: Mesozoic biomass

> A year ago or something (is it perhaps in Mesozoic
> Vertebrate Life???) I 
> remember reading an article by Bakker and some
> others about a 
> "criminalistic" approach to investigating several
> ecosystems within the 
> Morrison Fm by investigating isolated teeth and fish
> scales. Includes the 
> idea that *Ceratosaurus* hunted lungfish -- 4 m long
> lungfish. 

This was in 'feathered dragons' (currie et al ed.s),
2004, indiana press, and was based on data Bakker
first proposed at his SVP poster in 2002.

Bakker's thoughts in this paper are not a million
miles from what I proposed for the UK wealden in my
2003 poster. Eventaully I will get my dataset together
for publication.. hopefully...



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