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Re: New Nemegtosaurus paper

> Abstract: "The isolated skulls of _Nemegtosaurus
> mongoliensis_ and 
> _Quaesitosaurus orientalis from the Nemegt Basin of
> Mongolia 

 Q. orientalis is from Shar Tsav, not the Nemegt

> only titanosaurs survived into the
> latest Cretaceous.  

  I doubt that was due to changes in vegetation. There
were plenty of gymnosperms in the K, including the
Alamosaurus habitats.
> Like many previous authors, Wilson also raises the
> possibility that 
> _Nemegtosaurus_ and _Opisthocoelicaudia_ may be the
> same; but overlapping 
> material is required before this can be considered. 

 P. Currie considers it likely.

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