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more on the continuing plot to separate paleontologists from their $

I've very pleased to announce publication of the latest book in my Life
of the Past series for Indiana University Press:

P.J. Currie and E. B. Koppelhus, eds., 2005.  Dinosaur Provincial Park:
A Spectacular Ancient Ecosystem Revealed.

This is a BIG book: 648 pp, plus a CD-ROM supplement.

It covers EVERYTHING to do with the park's paleo (or should I say, in
deference to the Canadians, palaeo) resources:
stratigraphy, sedimentology, plants , invertebrates, small vertebrates,
dinosaurs, taphonomy, ichnology, paleoecology.  LOTS of raw data.

I expect this to be the standard reference on the topic for some time
to come.  And a bargain at $49.95 US (and I imagine there will be
discounts offered at SVP).