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[FUNNY] Cuddle your pet ... umm ... theropod (gen. et sp. indet.)

Well, I think it's meant to be a theropod : 
    I can't place it any more exactly than that. The forelimbs are
far too large (relatively) for a _T.rex_ , but they're bifid as in
most _T. rex_ reconstructions and I can't think of any other
theropods (in a very loose sense) that have been alleged with that
character. The cranial anatomy appears unique too, in some respects
more hadrosaur than theropod. But the reported resurrection of the
pineal as a third eye, medially placed and sensitive in the IR,
neatly solves the question we discussed a few days ago of the overlap
of the visual fields of _T.rex_ specifically (the considerations are
obviously more general though).

    BUT ... would you try wrestling an indeterminate theropod for
your lunch? On which point, the gally opens and I'll leave it for
y'all to ponder.

    The reported diet of `A`s in various multiples is unusual for
dinosaurs, but certainly suggests a highly distinctive coprolite
composition and texture. Can't blame that one on the puppy! Come to
think of it, I don't think that the _T.rex_ coprolite reported about
6 years ago could reasonably be blamed on any puppy either.

Aidan Karley,

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