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Re: rebbs and other stuff

Sebastian Apegeguia wrote:

hey, hey Tim, I didn't said exactly that. Of course the beauty hyposphenes of Histriasaurus are plesiomorphic for rebbs, but this is not enough to exclude it totally from rebbs (those devoid of a single plesiomorphy, feel free to throw the firt stone!). All the best. Sebastian

To give Sebastian justice, here's what he said about _Histriasaurus_: "Dalla Vecchia (1998) considered this taxon a rebbachisaurid, but the presence of a hyposphene-hypantrum in the dorsal vertebra suggests that this taxon is a basal form of a more inclusive group (Gallina and Apesteguía in press). Neither _Rebbachisaurus garasbae_ from the Albian of Morocco, Africa (Lavocat, 1954), nor ?Rebbachisaurus? tessonei, from the early Cenomanian of Argentian, bear a hyposphene-hypantrum. Furthermore, Bonaparte (1999) characterized the ?Rebbachisaurid? type of dorsal vertebra by the absence of a hyposphene."

The _Histriasaurus_ commentary is just one part of a very, very interesting article about sauropod vertebral articulations, and locomotion (Apesteguía, 2005).