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Re: Fw: [NOVA] "Origins"

--- Phil Bigelow <bigelowp@juno.com> wrote:
> -------------------------------------------
> Next on NOVA:  "Origins"
> http://www.pbs.org/nova/origins
> Are We Alone?
> Paleontologist Peter Ward says that as intelligent creatures,  we
> humans are probably not alone in the universe,  just very lonely.
    That sounds almost like a plug for Conway Morris's "Life's
Solution" book. I wonder if they tried getting him to appear ...

[more SNIP]
> A Brief History of  Life
> Review the grand march of organisms from over  three billion
> years ago to the  present.
    ... which would have worked well with the Burgess stuff. And the
newer Chinese stuff (Yinxian ? give or take several consonants. And
    You don't see SCM doing much "talking head" stuff, or at least I
haven't. Maybe not his style, or perhaps he doesn't feel a need to
"reach out" to get public support.

> ET Gallery
> Sci-fi films and T.V. shows reveal how limited our  imagination
> is when it comes to alien  life.
    Oh dear, more Star Trek extras in rubber masks. <SIGH>

Aidan Karley,

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