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Re: [FUNNY] Cuddle your pet ... umm ... theropod (gen. et sp. indet.)

That's funny!   I prefer my pets with feathers and squawks.  

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
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Subject: [FUNNY] Cuddle your pet ... umm ... theropod (gen. et sp. indet.)

> Well, I think it's meant to be a theropod : 
> http://www.boysstuff.co.uk/product.asp?id=12641
>     I can't place it any more exactly than that. The forelimbs are
> far too large (relatively) for a _T.rex_ , but they're bifid as in
> most _T. rex_ reconstructions and I can't think of any other
> theropods (in a very loose sense) that have been alleged with that
> character.