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RE: New References & Rebbachisaurids

--- Fabio Marco Dalla Vecchia <fabdalla@tin.it> wrote:
> 1) Collecting more material. There is something like a sauropod
> bonebed in
> the site at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea (yes, underwater) 

> where the
> holotype vertebra of _Histriasaurus_ comes from. Doing field work
> underwater is not easy and nobody tried or was allowed to do it in
> the last
> ten years;
    "was allowed" would imply that in addition to the (non-trivial)
problems of underwater fieldwork, there's also some sort of
legalistic issue. Is it a general collecting issue (analagous to the
US prohibition on collecting fossils on public land, with the seabed
being public land) that it would be useful for anyone visiting Italy
to know about? Or is it an issue specific to the site in question
(access, land-owner refusing permission to collect)?
    This is an interesting statement, because I know that UK
equivalents to your caving/ climbing/ naturalists/ outdoors-folk
group do have a long tradition of assisting with scientific work. (A
couple of years ago my caving club were providing logistical support
to using Ground-Penetrating Radar to study sedimentation history in a
cave in Yorkshire. The logistics support amounted to some hundreds of
man-hours of work and a lot of sweat.) Plus Homo sapiens troglodytes
does have an amphibious subspecies which is well accustomed to
working in zero visibility and with professional-compatible safety
    Please elaborate on your bone bed!

Aidan Karley,

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