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Re: some new papers

From what I could gather on the Paleobiology website, these papers are not
available for free download, like for example Acta Palaeontologica Polonica
papers ("You do not have access to JSTOR from that location"). So if someone
has the pdfs on Mononykus, avian flight and ichnofossils, I'm interested.

JSTOR is, as the acronym suggests, is a storage place for older documents -- it's not for current issues of journals, which are instead left to the journals' individual websites. JSTOR is archival. It's also a subscription-only based service, targeted (as far as I can tell) at academic institutional libraries, not at individuals. Thus, you either have to log on from a subscribing institution's computer, or with passcodes from your own computer.

However, Paleobiology is one of the journals available via BioOne for free -- they just haven't uploaded content for issue #3 of the journal yet. Just use my Journal Links site (http://cactus.dixie.edu/jharris/Journal_Links.html), scroll down to the Paleobiology entry, and click on the "on-line version" link. As of this morning, it's still got only issue #2 up, but I suspect #3 will be up in a week or two.

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