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Re: enough already

Dr.s Farlow and Holtz,

Perhaps the solution is so obvious that it is not obvious:

The next time you get such a request for an "on-line interview", just ask
the e-mailer where (what URL) he/she obtained the contact info.

Then e-mail the web page owner.


On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 15:18:36 -0500 James Farlow <farlow@ipfw.edu> writes:
> Many years ago, somebody on this list--I forget who--who edited some
> kind of on-line dinosaur website asked me if I'd be willing to be
> available to answer questions on-line about careers in paleontology 
> for
> a couple months.  Moron that I am, I agreed to do so.
> It is now many years later, and I STILL get numerous requests from
> elementary and middle school students wanting to interview me on 
> line
> about careers in paleontology because they saw my name on a website
> about such stuff.  I'm overwhelmed, and getting grumpy about this.  
> Is
> there any way to get one's name deleted from such old websites?  
> Some
> kind of statute of limitations?  
> Probably not, but I felt like venting....