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Re: Update on Burpee Tyrannosaur Symposium

Dear Tom and List,

    I just perused the Burpee schedule and it looks like many of the talks
were already given at the T-rex Symposium this past June. Not that I could
afford supporting both, but why would one want to attend the Burpee
conference if they already attended 100 years of T-rex? I understand there
are additional talks, but is there enough bang for the, well, you know?

Curious Cliff
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Subject: Update on Burpee Tyrannosaur Symposium

> http://www.burpee.org/symp_schedule.htm
> Please note that the events begin bright and early on Friday, and Sunday
is a free day.
> (This was basically news to me, who now has to reschedule my Friday
class... :-S).
> Damn good line up, though!
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